Saturday, February 14, 2009

Garden Encounters

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Tell one specific time in your life that you were overwhelmed with God's love for you.

Do you need a little breath of summer today? The first thing that came to mind when I considered this thought is how overwhelmed I am with God's love when I am working in my garden. On one such day I penned the following poem...nothing heavy, just a breath of fresh summer air.

Garden Encounters

I strolled barefoot to my garden.
Grass tickled between my toes.
Dewdrops sprinkled ‘round my ankles.
Gnats buzzed boldly up my nose.

As I neared, the rhubarb rustled.
Purr-sy scampered into view.
Frightened robins all a-flutter
chided loudly as they flew.

Near the lettuce, still and silent
save her twitching nose and ear
rabbit paused, then darted quickly
guided wildly by her fear.

Running past, a squirrel took notice,
then proceeded up a tree
where he sat and scolded mildly,
eyeing both my cat and me.

I began by cutting spinach.
Next I felt for bulging peas.
Crunchy, sweet, a few sustained me
as I picked them on my knees.

From the pond a splashing clamor
shook me from my reverie.
Drake was romancing his darling
quacking, splattering noisily.

Soon their noise disturbed the gander
guarding o’er his nesting goose.
Cantankerous, he honked a warning,
flailing wings outstretched and loose.

Smiling, I returned to labor
senses flooded, heart released,
and my praise began as humming.
As it grew, volume increased.

In the breeze cool and refreshing
Jesus whispered in my ear,
“I’ve been waiting all this morning.
I’m so glad you found me here.”

So from there our chat proceeded
up and down six rows of beans
as methodically I weeded
through my worries, hopes and dreams.

Straightening, I surveyed with wonder
all my Father had bestowed.
Surprise! Atop my pile of produce
perched a gray and wrinkled toad.

“Shoo,” I said, and gently nudged him
‘till into the grass he hopped.
Quickly I picked up my treasures,
although once again I stopped.

From beneath the tall potatoes
something gave my foot a tap.
Mice-tro lazily stretched and pawed me,
waking from his long cat-nap.

To the house I then retreated,
cats frolicking in my way.
By my sweetheart I was greeted,
quizzing me about my day.

Viewing me smudged and disheveled,
sympathizing with his tone,
he remarked, “You worked for hours—
Too bad you had to work alone.”

--Sharlyn Guthrie


  1. Beautiful,what an amazing poem, thank you for sharing this.

  2. How neat that you could put that experience in a poem to remember always...

  3. I love poetry and I love this was a great post for me to read! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Beautiful. I feel warm all over now, thanks for a glimpse of summer.

  5. How beautiful! I would love to see your beautiful garden.

    I also love the "dancing on rainbows" story. God is so good, isn't He?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading your comment. You said, "Surely our God's love for us is even more intense." AMEN to that!


  6. How beautiful! Though, I might argue that you were not alone. ;)



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