Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three Robust Robins

Three Robust Robins
by Sharlyn Guthrie

Three robust robins reveled in this morning’s warming sun.
They hopped about as Robins do, declaring Spring begun,
Excitedly discussing which strategies are best
For choosing the location of each families’ feathered nest.

The strong and sturdy ash tree was found last year to be
The very place the cats chose as preferred residency
So each fowl in turn examined its own potential perch…
Under the deck, in lilac bush, or high up in the birch.

I watched them from my window as they met out on the lawn
A sign as sure as any that life on earth goes on.
My musings turned to Father God, Creator of all things
Who treasures things like robin nests as well as sparrow wings.

He tends, regards and nurtures every child and bird and beast
Granting worth and favor to those deemed as the least.
His heart is filled with pity for each fallen little bird.
How it must break when humans deem His promises absurd!

The robins quickly scattered when the cat went out to play
But I glimpsed their tireless striving as I labored through the day.
One poked under the clothesline, hoarding feathers, twigs and string
One strained against a worm, and one commenced to sing.

Bird ballad buoyed my spirit, and I joined in heavenly praise.
In this our God was honored on this earliest of spring days.
Approvingly God smiled upon the toils of hands and beaks
This homely worship won His heart…for praise is what He seeks.


  1. Beautiful poem - perfect for Spring, and such a wonderful message too.

  2. Oh my gooodness, that is beeeeautiFULLLL! I love it! And the last stanza gave my heart a stir. Amen, sis. I always want to be found praising Him.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! I felt like I was watching out your window with you.

    I have mentioned you in an award on my blog:


  4. Absolutely beautiful!! GOD BLESS, andrea

  5. I love this, reveals your heart and shares the undeniable deeper truths of God in a sweet way. I also LOVE your dancing on rainbows title and the story behind it! Precious!!!


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