Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Uganda -Lord Willing, I'll Be There Soon

I am so excited I can hardly stand it! My bags are nearly packed. (Actually, they are over-flowing.) The time has finally come for my trip to Uganda!

I had hoped to keep my blog up to date and let everyone know how preparations have been going. Well, I have been very very busy, and last week we got away for a little vacation. To my blogging friends, I'm afraid I haven't been able to keep up with blog reading recently. Please be patient. I'll be back to visit all of you and catch up on your happenings soon.

Well, I’m counting down the final days and hours! John will drive me to Chicago on Saturday. I’ll meet another team member and fly to Detroit, where we’ll meet the other two team members and begin the long journey to Amsterdam. From Amsterdam it’s another long stint into Entebbe airport. We will arrive Sunday night and spend the night in Kampala.

I have learned that we will be greeted by Pastor Ruth of Smile Africa Ministries, Ruth's daughter, and George, who will be our “guard” and constant companion for the trip. Before we leave Kampala we will purchase and gather supplies and water to take with us.

We will spend the bulk of our time in and near Tororo. Our first full day in Tororo will revolve around a celebration for the glasses we are bringing. After that, we will spend our days teaching, doing crafts, helping out in the kitchen and the clinic, and visiting various sites in the area where some of the women work.

One of the days we will travel to Mbale to deliver some glasses there and visit the Kings Primary School. Lord willing, we will have 300 children’s illustrated Ugandan Bibles to deliver to them as well. (We are purchasing these for the school, whether or not we will actually deliver them depends on the immediate availability.)

We are also holding a one-day women’s conference. Each of us will be speaking, and we will give the women their own copy of the Gospel of John and a garden hoe.

These are the details that I’m fairly certain of. We are still working on some other things, and I know the Lord will have some surprises for us along the way. It is His work, after all, and we are simply tools in His hands.

During each step of the preparation for this trip God’s direction and attention to detail has been undeniable. His players are scattered across the country –across the globe, even! And yet He has orchestrated everything in His own perfect timing and harmony. What an awesome God we serve!

Over the past couple of weeks it has become so evident to me how many people are involved in an effort such as this. I am overwhelmed by the amount of various kinds of support I’ve received from neighbors, family members, friends, doctors, dentists, eye clinics, and the Lion’s Club. It is so very encouraging, and also humbling. I could NEVER have gathered and prepared all the things I’m taking without lots of help. Then there are those who have offered prayers, books and articles on ministries in Africa, and helpful suggestions of every kind. Until now I never understood how much support was necessary for an outreach such as this. Nor did I realize how exciting it is when the body of Christ rallies together. Incredible!!

I know you will be encouraged, as I have been, by this article from "Times Online" that a man from our church shared with me. Of course the author's conclusions didn't come as a surprise, except for the fact that he's an avowed atheist.

As an Atheist, I Truly Believe Africa Needs God

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to this ministry in some way or another. And if you still desire to be involved, remember: Prayer is both powerful and necessary. We will rely heavily on your prayers.

I’m posting some pictures of all the people who showed up in my classroom one afternoon to put the crafts together. We had a lot of fun and great conversation. The pictures at the top of the page are from children's church last Sunday. Eli and I taught one of the lessons we’ve prepared for Uganda.

I won’t be updating my blog until after I return from Uganda. Please remember to pray for the ministry, as well as for our health and safety. The other members of our team are Denise, Jan, and Jeanice. By clicking on the title to this blog you will connect to Heart of God in Uganda, the group I will be traveling with. Lord willing, I will be back in time to celebrate the Fourth of July with family and friends.


  1. This is so exciting, Sharlyn. Wowzer. I will be praying. May the Lord bless and keep you, make His face shine upon you. May He use you mightily and receive the glory along the way!

    PLEASE don't worry about keeping up with other blogs. What you are doing is SO much more important. We'll have to exchange notes when I go to my trip to Cambodia in late October!

    Much love sister,

  2. Wow - SOOO exciting - and I'm with Lauralee - just focus on this incredible ministry you're in the middle of. Praying for you!

  3. sending prayers...cant wait to hear about your journey, andrea

  4. This is so exciting, Sharlyn, and I'll be praying for you and this wonderful ministry!

  5. Sharlyn,

    Please stop by my blog today for an extra special surprise just for all your wonderful hardwork. Thanks again for your blessings you give me each time you comment.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Oh goodness ... I am sooo excited to meet you. Just found your blog via the award that you won. I had to visit as your blog title grabbed my heart. Delighted that I stopped by. I'll be following along to hear all the wonderful praises from your trip!

    Dancing in the rain and rainbows on the mission field,
    Sarah Dawn

  7. You're coming through Detroit? WOW. That would've been exciting to meet you. Ah well, some day. I'm excited about this trip for you. God will bless everyone involved. I pray for traveling mercies, and an abundance of testimonies to bring home.

    I've named you in an award given to me. I'd love to share it with you on my blog

    Blessings, Karlene

  8. Sharlyn,

    I am praying for your trip! How exciting!

    I have left you an award on my blog over at Glass House Ministries, under the "We Have a Winner" post.

    You are in my prayers,


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