Friday, January 2, 2009

Claire Bear

She’s only eight months old. Still, I hear her chanting, “equal time, Grandma, equal time!” Not really, although she’s already trying to keep up with her brother Noah in so many other ways.

Claire Carleta Guthrie created quite a stir when she came into this family of boys last April. The males in the family, including her dad, still don’t quite know what to make of her. She’s dainty and delicate, but she’s also strong and opinionated. Her voice is soft, yet commanding. At eight months she already pulls herself up onto her sturdy little legs and walks confidently behind the new dolly and stroller she got for Christmas.

Tristan, her daddy, has composed a little song for her. If you happen to be holding her when he begins to sing, you’d better hold on tight. She will squirm, snap her little head around, and do everything in her power to make eye contact with him. The song goes like this, “Claire bear. Cla-ire Bear. Most beautiful girl in the world. Claire bear. Cla-ire bear. I…love…you!”

About the time he sings, “most beautiful girl,” Claire breaks into a dazzling smile. By the time he gets to “I…love…you,” she is kicking, wriggling, and giggling all over. It never fails to work, even if she was previously fussing.

I think Claire is very blessed to have a daddy that so freely and unashamedly expresses his love for her. Certainly, not every little girl does, and Claire has never known it any other way.

I’m also reminded of the many ways my Heavenly Father attempts to catch my attention, reassuring me of His love throughout each and every day. Do I respond as eagerly as Claire responds to her daddy? Do I immediately seek His face and light up in His presence? I’m afraid that all too often I take His gestures of love…a beautiful sunrise, the smell of coffee, fresh air and unhampered breaths, the music of the birds…for granted.

Father, “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you.” (Psalm 143:8) NIV

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