Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why "Dancin' On Rainbows"?

I invited my three year old grandson over for the afternoon one late-September day. It was a win-win-win proposition. He got a change of scenery and a little spoiling at Grandma’s, his parents got a break, and I got the joy of his company.

We were seated on the floor, working his favorite puzzle, when something on the wall caught his eye. He suddenly exclaimed, “Rainbows!” and then turned, dashing in the direction of their source. A prism hangs in our southern window. In autumn and winter it catches the light such that rainbows appear across the living room. The light comes through at a different angle during the spring and summer months, so the rainbows hadn’t been visible for quite some time. He had asked about them nearly every time he visited, however, and I had often repeated the reason for their absence.

My grandson raced to the piano, pulled the piano bench under the prism, climbed up and gave it a spin, creating a disco ball effect. Then he turned to me. “Get up, Grandma! Dance on the rainbows!”

Although my heart was heavy –the day before had been a particularly difficult day– I got up and danced amid giggles and tiny swirling rainbows. It was a very sweet time as the rainbows began reminding me of the many promises that are mine through Jesus Christ: I will never leave you nor forsake you…I will not leave you comfortless…All things work together for good…God is my refuge and strength...

Dancing on rainbows was exactly what this grandma needed, and something I never want to forget. It also represents exactly what I hope to communicate on my blog, God’s goodness and faithfulness through all the joys and trials of life.

So now you know why I’ve decided to call my blog “Dancin’ On Rainbows.” Oh, and did I mention that my grandson’s name is Noah?


  1. I love it Sharlyn! I think I need a prism in my window as a constant reminder of God's promises.

  2. I love this story! What a great reminder that God wants the best for us.


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